Certified Manifestation Coach

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Yes, I'm Ready To Become A Certified Manifestation Coach!

I’m Committed To Becoming A More Effective And Master Manifestor, All While Earning A Great Income And Transforming People's Lives!

Here's what you'll get:

  • The 90-Day Manifestation Coach Certification Program - You get weekly classes and trainings with Scott Haug himself, the master trainer and coach who created the Manifestation Accelerator course. Scott will walk you through the complete Certified Manifestation Coach curriculum, step by step. And from this training, you'll have exclusive access to use and coach individuals through The Manifestation Accelerator program (Value - $35,000)
  • Certified Manifestation Coach Business Training & Roadmap - Everything you need to create a coaching business from $0 to $20,000 or more per month. From training on "how to coach people through the course", to "how to market and attract ideal high paying clients", to "how to sell and close the deal" (Value - $20,000)
  • ​Master Manifestation Weekly Training Sessions - Master your own money and manifestation results with 12 months of access to small group coaching calls every week with Scott himself. Use these sessions to turbo-charge your own results, all while becoming a master coach for your clients (Value - $12,000)
  • ​​Certified Manifestation Coach Slack Member Group - The road to success can be a lonely road. But with this Slack group, you can surround yourself with people who are on the same coaching journey as you, get 1-on-1 guidance from Scott Monday through Friday, assistance from his Team & your peers, and hone your skills as a Certified Manifestation Coach, for 12 months access (Value - Priceless)
  • A Professional Certificate will be mailed to you upon graduation Display this already expertly framed certificate on your office wall to show your credentials as a Certified Manifestation Coach (Value - Priceless)
  • A Digital Badge you can display on social media for credibility and credentials - Trust is more important today than ever. When people see your Certified Manifestation Coach digital badge, they'll instantly recognize you as a trusted expert and authority (Value - Priceless)

The Visionary Manifestors Who Are Ready To Soar To $20,000 / Month Will Get These Fast Action Bonuses By Paying In Full...

  • FAST ACTION BONUS #1 (LIMITED TIME!) - Get your FIRST 1 CLIENT ACTIVATION for FREE! Instead of paying $500 for the license for your first client, you can get this first one for FREE! That will help you create a HIGHLY PROFITABLE running start for your business. This bonus is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY and is brand new! (Value - $500)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS #2 - High Closing Rate Webinar Complete Slide Deck! Nothing is more important than truly having a great presentation with the right energy when it comes to online events. Scott gives you his done-for-you complete webinar slide deck he has used to bring in tens of thousands of dollars, proven to close at a 40% or higher ratio. Use these to generate high income numbers and high close ratio (Value - $3,000)
  • ​​FAST ACTION BONUS #3 - Elite Client Magnet Framework & Meditations! Scott has spent thousands of hours perfecting the right internal energy and mindset in order to become a client attraction machine. You get his elite proven process, including belief, confidence, money, and sales meditations. Just follow his proven framework to start magnetizing high ticket clients to you at rapid speed (Value - $4,000)
  • ​​FAST ACTION BONUS #4 - Deepest Manifestation Trainings From Our $20,000 Private Clients! To become a master manifestor (and master coach!), you need to create a mega shift in consciousness. We can help get you there very quickly. You get 12 months of access to the deepest trainings from Scott's private $20k clients, including the teachings of Neville Goddard, Seth Material, Master Key System, Your Invisible Power, and more! Just follow along the teachings and automatically watch your consciousness expand exponentially (Value - $8,000)